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Multi-Functional Knock Box with Side Drawer 51-58mm Universal

Multi-Functional Knock Box with Side Drawer 51-58mm Universal

This coffee knock box can be used for a variety of purposes - tamping, placement, and storage. Making your workflow more convenient. The 1.5L large capacity knock box is detachable, simply lift the knock box from the main body, empty the coffee grounds, give it a rinse, and place it back effortlessly. This design ensures a more hygienic coffee brewing experience.

The high-quality silicone pad not only provides a sturdy and slip-resistant surface for knocking out your coffee grounds, but also acts as a cushion, protecting both the knock box and your countertop from accidental damage. There is a drawer on the side which you can store filter paper, filter basket, puck screen and so on.



✴️ 1.5L large capacity detachable knock box – about 25 coffee pucks.

✴️ Portafilter holder is suitable for most 51-58mm portafilter (universal).

✴️ Detachable silicone pads design so that washing with water is possible.

✴️ 4 anti-slip and anti-scratch silicone pads at the bottom which effectively reduces vibration and cushioning the knocking impact for a quiet workflow experience.

✴️ Main body is made of walnut wood.

✴️ Weighs about 2.1kg


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