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Ode 64mm Gen 2 Brew Burrs

Ode 64mm Gen 2 Brew Burrs

From the finest pour-over methods to the coarsest cold brew recipes, Ode Gen 2 Brew Burrs were developed in-house by Fellow’s VP of R&D and certified Q Grader Nick Terzulli for more precision and range. With a unique two-stage grinding geometry capable of handling all roasting levels. Expect sweetness with medium clarity, medium body, and balanced flavour. Grind capabilities are 250-300 microns and up.

Whether you’re a light roast drinker looking to increase extraction yield, or a medium and dark roast lover seeking rich chocolate and toffee notes, these burrs have something for everyone.


Description / Details⤵️

✴️ 64mm stainless steel, uncoated.

🚧These burrs are capable of grinding for finer brews but are NOT for espresso and are truly made just for Ode. Both burrs are designed to be identical, hence either one of the burrs can be installed on the auger.


Click on the link for the detailed step-by-step burrs installation guide by Fellow 👁️📽️ ⤵️

Ode Gen 2 Brew Burrs Installation Guide



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