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Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine

Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine

Fully manual - 100% human-powered manual lever espresso machine with 58mm brew head. There are no plugs, no electronics, and no electricity needed to run. There is a mechanical pressure gauge for you to observe real-time of extraction pressure changes. Gorgeously designed to look good in any coffee station.

With a manual variable pressure system, you have complete control over the brewing process, allowing you to do pressure profiling. Adjust the pressure at various points in the extraction process to improve the flavour of the espresso.


Product Features / Specifications / Details

✴️ Equipped with a unique manual variable pressure system, allowing you to control the brewing process.

✴️ Comes with a stylish hard-shell suitcase, with four rotatable wheels and an extendable handle. Perfect for those who want fresh espresso anytime and anywhere – Camping, hiking, or at work.

✴️ Professional accessories included – Bottomless portafilter with 18g filter basket, Flash constant 13.6kg pressure tamper 58.35mm, DEX precision filter basket 20g, CD series distributor 58.35mm, stainless steel measuring cup 100ml, elbow brush, grey towel.

✴️ 58mm brew head is made of stainless steel 304, and the body is made of aluminium alloy.

✴️ Walnut wood on pull rod handle.

✴️ Dimensions : 23 (W) x 26 (D) x 42cm (H – without pull rod), Pull rod length is 40cm.

✴️ Weight : 7.5kg (with drip tray and pull rod installed)


📌Includes a one-year limited local warranty.


🚚 FREE doorstep delivery! Contact us for details.



Never exceed 12 bars of pressure as will damage the related parts.

❌ Refrain from lifting the lever up and down when the chamber is dry as doing so will reduce the lifespan of the o-rings - they will eventually deform and snap. 

❌ Do not lift or move the machine by holding onto the delicate pressure gauge. Doing so might result in damaging the gauge or even cause pressure leakage.

✅ A click sound will be heard when the pull rod is lowered down. This is caused by the piston ball engaging the head cover to ensure precision control. This is normal and does not affect the brewing or extraction process - Refer to the last picture.

Recommended to fill the DEX precision filter basket with at least 20g of coffee grounds.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of MHW-3Bomber products.



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