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360° Sip Lid - For Carter Move Mug

360° Sip Lid - For Carter Move Mug

Open up your Carter Move Mug. Turn your Carter Move Mug into a convertible with the open-top 360° Sip Lid. Designed for one-handed confident sips from every angle, you can now multitask without the mess. Features a magnetic splash umbrella that can be snapped in and out for easy cleaning.


Features :-

✴️Splash Proof - While not leakproof for lugging in a bag, a built-in splash umbrella withstands casual gestures, double-takes, and sudden stops.

✴️360° One-Handed Drinkability - Open on all sides so you can sip confidently from any angle.

✴️Easy Clean Magnetic Lid - The splash umbrella easily snaps on and off allowing you to clean every crevice.


Details :-

▶️Compatible: 12 oz and 16 oz

▶️Carter Move Mug Compatibility – Yes

▶️Carter Everywhere Mug Compatibility – ❌No

▶️Materials: BPA-free plastic lid

▶️Seal – Splash Proof

▶️Dimensions : 77mm diameter body, 72mm mouth



Cleaning🧽: 360 Sip Lid, including the magnetic lid, is top-rack dishwasher safe.


🚨We are the Official Distributing partner for Fellow Products and our stocks are directly from Fellow.


    Colour: Matte Black

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