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Accutemp Stick-on Thermometer

Accutemp Stick-on Thermometer

Time to stop 🙅 using your fingers 👐 to feel the hot 🔥 surface on the milk pitcher during steaming to avoid the risk of heat-related injuries. Also to note, some people tend to have more or less heat tolerances than others and so the accuracy is simply not there! Rhino Coffee Gear has come out with the Accutemp stick-on thermometer to help you achieve a perfect temperature of the steam milk every time! The state of the art liquid crystal indicators turns from Green to Black as you steam your milk and the reached temperature is visible. The Accutemp is lightning fast, highly accurate (click on the below video link for our temperature accuracy test) and never in your way with its super thin design.


Directions ⏩

1. Ensure your milk pitcher surface is clean and dry.

2. Carefully peel the backing tape making sure you don't bend the corners of your thermometer.

3. Place on the preferred side of your milk pitcher that can be seen when steaming. The thermometer should be placed low on the pitcher to ensure it is below the surface of the milk. For best results, ensure a flat application and free of bubbles on the label.

4. Steam the milk to your desired temperature, pour and enjoy!


Notes on cleaning ⏩

1) To ensure a long life of your Rhino Accutemp Stick-on thermometer, we recommend cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

2) The thermometer is dishwasher safe.

3) Not recommended for hot water exceeding 80 degrees so as to increase life span and maintain accuracy.


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