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Adjustable WDT Tool

Adjustable WDT Tool

WDT Tool is a must-have for baristas. The WDT tool and its magnetic stand stick

 well. The flying saucer design adds a great ornamental appeal.



✴️ Has a disruptive innovation with its needle, allowing for a maximum angle adjustment of 120 degrees. It's a unique upgrade to the traditional WDT tool, giving baristas a more comfortable experience.

✴️ In addition to the 6x 0.4mm needles pre-installed, there are 2 extra sets of interchangeable needles – 6x 0.4mm and 6x 0.25mm needles, interchangeable ultra-fine 304 stainless-steel needles. You can easily change them by unscrewing the handle head.

✴️ Functionality of 0.25mm & 0.4mm needles - Extensive data testing shows that the 0.25mm needles are easier to stir ultra-fine coffee powder for smooth extraction, and the 0.4mm powder needles can easily mash lumpy coffee grounds for more uniformity.


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