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Ankomn 2-in-1 Smart Scoop

Ankomn 2-in-1 Smart Scoop


The Smart 2-in-1 Brew Scoop from Ankomn uses a deep spoon to measure out approximately 10 +/-1g of coffee grounds or beans every time, without needing any scale - perfect for those Average Brewers who do not want to tag along a scale. The scoop also boasts a built-in levelling slide to help you remove the excess from the top. This ensures a cleaner tabletop without wasting grounds.


Features ⏩

⭐Precision Spoon Accuracy – Each scoop measures out 10 +/-1g of coffee beans or grounds.

⭐Lightweight, Friendly Design – Weighs only 40g. Easier to hold in either right or left hand and only a single hand is needed during the whole process.

⭐Easy to Clean🧽 and Maintain – Made with BPA-free plastic. This spoon is stain resistant, odour resistant and hand-washable.

⭐Dimensions - 14 (L) x 4 (W) x 3 (H) cm


🚨We are the official dealer for Ankomn products and our stocks are directly from Ankomn.

    Colour: Black

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