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ARCO 2-in-1 Modular Coffee Grinder

ARCO 2-in-1 Modular Coffee Grinder

United in a seamless grind experience. A touch of genius! Combining the luxury of an electric grinder (attached to its electric dock) where you can take it easy and the freedom of a standalone hand grinder with superb grind quality.

ARCO is a single-dose grinder with a revolutionary smooth grind setting ring to fine-tune your grind mechanism. A grind for every brew method (from Ibrik - Espresso...Cold Brew) and a near zero retention. Every grind particle will land in a magnetic coffee catcher and it fits your 58mm espresso portafilter perfectly!


Highlights ⏩

✴️ Superb grind quality for a sweeter, crisper, and clearer flavour of your coffee.

✴️ Easy grind setting with the revolutionary grind setting ring.

✴️ Single dose grinder that holds up to 50g of coffee at once.

✴️ Electric and hand grinder – a 2-in-1 solution that won’t kill your budget!

✴️ Full grind range - ~240 grind settings from ibrik to cold brew are at the reach of your hand with never-before-seen ease of grind adjustability.

✴️ The grind setting ring can be rotated by 4 FULL rounds, each complete round is 60 clicks, and each click shifts the grind size by 3 microns.


Specifications ⏩

✴️ Catcher/Doser cup max. capacity :

✴️ Conical burr size : 47mm (outer), 32mm (inner)

✴️ Conical burr material : Nitrided steel

✴️ Weight of dock 2-in-1 : 3.1kg

✴️ Electric dock : 220-240V 50/60Hz 200W

✴️ Electric dock speed : High-speed AC motor reduced to ~360rpm

✴️ Dimensions of electric dock : 280 x 92 x 190mm (H x W x D)

✴️ Dimensions of hand grinder : 200 x 62 x 190mm (H x W x D)

✴️ Weight of hand grinder : 850g


📌One-year limited local warranty covering normal usage. Grinding anything other than whole-roasted coffee beans will void the one-year warranty.


🚨We are the Official Distributor & our stocks are directly from Goat Story.



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