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T64 Electric Coffee Grinder - Matte White

T64 Electric Coffee Grinder - Matte White

The BG T64 is a single-dosing, multi-purpose grinder - from French Press to Espresso. With stock 64mm Titanium coated flat burrs, stepless grind settings, and low retention. For each grid, there is a click sound which serves as a notification. You are free to set between the grids - definitely a stepless grinder. For finer grinding, turn the adjusting dial anticlockwise. For coarser grinding, turn the dial clockwise.

Able to produce a fluffy ground, with very minimal clumping or no noticeable clumping at all. It has a simple design and a sloping shape to reduce retention. It has a fork to hold a portafilter and the included dosing or catch cup which is compatible with 58mm portafilter only.


Product Features / Specifications / Details

✴️ Built-in anti-popcorning device.

✴️ Metal chute is removable and magnetic.

✴️ With a silicone bellow provided, a few presses to get any loose coffee grounds out of the chamber.

✴️ Stock Rose Gold Titanium coated 64mm flat burrs.

✴️ 64mm burr size means that you can switch to your preferred burrs that are widely available.

✴️ Accessories included – Brush, silicone bellow, metal lid, metal dosing funnel, metal catch, and dosing cup.

✴️ 300W AC motor, rotates at a speed of 1400 rpm.

✴️ Dimensions : 13 (W) x 20 (D) x 30.5cm (H) - Without bellow, 36cm (H) - With bellow + lid.

✴️ Weight : 7.4kg


📌Includes a one-year limited local warranty.


🚚 FREE doorstep delivery! Contact us for details.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of BG T64 Electric Coffee Beans Grinder. 



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