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Blind Tumbler cum Dosing Cup (Pour-over)

Blind Tumbler cum Dosing Cup (Pour-over)

Originally made for K-Plus Hand Coffee Grinder, it's now available for sale individually as an accessory.


The Blind Tumbler is designed as re-distribution of coffee grounds before tamping or as a catch cup to collect coffee grounds from your grinder to your pour-over equipment.


🤷🏻‍♂️How to use – Grind directly into the Blind Tumbler, give the Tumbler a light circular shake, place the Tumbler on top of your portafilter, pull the plug, tap the portafilter a few times onto the tamping mat to collapse the coffee grounds to fit into your basket and tamp.


Compatibilty – With 3 flanges on the bottom, the Blind Tumbler is designed to sit comfortably on top of your portafilter, supporting internal diameter of basket from 46, 50 and 58.6mm. To gauge if your portafilter is compatible with the Blind Tumbler, simply measure the inside diameter (the widest distance across) of your basket with a ruler or a caliper. If that measurement falls within the numbers as stated, the Blind Tumbler will fit.



✴️Materials – Aluminium alloy.

✴️Sizes & Dimensions - 62mm diameter body, 59.5mm tall with bottomless plate, 56.5mm tall with flat bottom plate.


🚨We are the Official Distributor for 1Zpresso Grinders.



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