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Brewista® 2nd✌🏼 Gen 0.9L Artisan™ Kettle

Brewista® 2nd✌🏼 Gen 0.9L Artisan™ Kettle

The next generation of Artisan Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettles from Brewista are a larger version of their predecessor. The Gen 2 Artisan has a capacity of 900ml and made of durable 25-gauge 300 series stainless steel. Using only the highest quality Strix thermal controls (World leader in kettle controls), it’s also built for safety! The Gen 2 Artisan Kettle is a versatile kettle with heaps of in-built functions including Keep Warm🔥, Smart🧠 Boil, and Auto Start functions for more consistent pour over coffee. Set the time ⏲️ and temperature🌡️ (Auto-start feature) to automatically heat water to the right temperature in the morning, and time your pour perfectly with the automatic time. If the kettle is removed from the base while Keep Warm is active, simply press the keep warm button to return to the last temperature used.


Features ⏩

✅Stylish wood-look handle and accents.

✅Patented high altitude boil sensing software (Can be disabled by user).

✅Built in count up/count down timer for pour over use (Can be used while kettle is on or off base).

✅Competition-inspired gooseneck spout for accurate pour control.

✅Accurate digital control heats water to within one degree,+/- .

✅Capacitive touch base.

✅Temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius at the push of a button.

✅Current temperature and target simultaneously displayed on LCD.

✅Auto-off function keeps you safe by shutting down if left unattended for over 60 minutes.

✅Automatic keep warm feature maintains temperature for up to one hour.

✅Auto-start - wake up ready to make the perfect brew!

✅Removable power cord.


Parts and Materials ⏩

✅Lid - BPA free Polypropylene.

✅Handle: Phenolic resin.

✅Kettle body: 300 series Stainless Steel.

✅Base - BPA free Polypropylene


Specifications ⏩

✅Capacity - 900ml

✅Rated voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz

✅Rated power - 1500W element for quick heating.

✅Temperature Range: 60-98 degree Celsius.


🚨Note : For commercial use only.



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