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Brewista Smart Scale II

Brewista Smart Scale II

Redesigned with a USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for longer life. The Smart Scale II™ has the same water repellent nano-coating as Version 1, but is even more water resistant 💦 thanks to the completely sealed body and included silicone platform pad. It automatically tares, automatically times, and automatically shuts off depending upon which of the six available modes has been selected by the user. Perfect for pour over or espresso preparation.


Product Features :- 

⏩ Water resistant 💦 nano-coating.

⏩ Sealed switches.

⏩ USB rechargeable battery. (❕ Micro USB cable not included)

⏩ Automatically tares.

⏩ Automatically times.

⏩ Auto-off function.

⏩ 6 user modes.

⏩ Displays in grams or ounces.

⏩ Maximum capacity - 2000 grams

⏩ Accuracy - 0.1 gram

⏩ Response time - 200 Millisecond

⏩ Includes protective cover/tray.

⏩ Silicone pad - i) For additional water resistance. ii) To prevent slight weight variations caused by abrupt temperature change on the platform. iii) To provide a little more stability for pour over brewing.


Product Dimensions: 10.6 (W) x 12.7 (D) x 1.8 cm (H)


⚠🚨 Not recommended to wash under tap as scale is NOT ❌ water proof. Do not submerge in water.



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