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Cafetto Organic Descaler

Cafetto Organic Descaler

Cafetto Organic Descaler is registered for organic 馃尡 use. Cafetto Organic Descaler is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) registered as complying with the requirements of the National Organic Program. It's also marked with the ACO logo and have been registered with an Australian Certified Organic Certification and are approved for use in organic systems.


鉂孨o more harsh chemicals! Organic Descaler is a safe and effective solution for removing hard water scale from thermoblock espresso machine lines, capsule machines, and espresso machine boilers. This product can also be used to descale kettle.


Directions 鈴

鉁达笍Add 125mL of Organic Descaler to 875mL of water to make up 1L of descaling solution.

鉁达笍Follow the machine manufacturer鈥檚 instructions to decalcify, de-lime, or descale the machine.

鉁达笍Always rinse the machine at least twice with fresh water after decalcifying, and before re-filling and reusing the machine.



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