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Caturra Guava 120

Caturra Guava 120

Country : Colombia

Region : Agrado, Huila

Farmer : Maria Ospina

Farm : La Cabana

Variety : Caturra

Category : *Microlot

*Microlot farms focus on growing small plots of coffee, each with its own unique characteristics. This allows for greater precision in the harvesting process, as the beans from each plot of coffee can be picked at the perfect time, ensuring maximum flavour and quality. Additionally, this method allows for better traceability and accountability, as it's possible to know exactly where each batch of beans came from.

Process : Natural, 120hrs of anaerobic fermentation (in airtight seal plastic drums), sun-dried, parabolic drying bed.

Cupping scores : 88 points

Notes : Guava, watermelon, red wine, creamy, butter, grapes, juicy acidity.

📌Not your regular/usual speciality coffee beans.





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