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Cone Paper Filters

Cone Paper Filters

53g paper coffee filters made from wood pulp that is sourced from Japan.
Perfect for pour-over or immersion coffee brewing with GINA coffee brewer or any other cone-shaped brewer.

Pour-over paper filters that perfectly fit GINA's funnel or any other filter brewer (eg. V60). These filters will enable a smooth flavor of coffee and a consistent flow of water.

✴️53g paper coffee filters.
✴️Made from wood pulp that is sourced from Japan.
✴️Perfect for pour-over or immersion brewing with GINA.
✴️Suitable for any cone-shaped pour-over brewer (like V60).
✴️Comes in a bag of 100pcs.


🚨⚠️ Note :  Why is GOAT STORY paper filters tend to be on the slow side? Your answer is HERE


🚨We are the Official Distributor for Goat Story products and our stocks are directly from Goat Story.



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