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Cyclone Gravity Distributor 58.35mm – Adjustable Depth

Cyclone Gravity Distributor 58.35mm – Adjustable Depth

This cyclone-based coffee distributor features an even gravity design. You don't need to adjust the depth manually; gravity distributing the coffee grounds in a free-fall format. With an external adjustable ring to adjust to the required depth.



✴️ Cyclone base ensures a high-efficiency vortex distribution, always even and non-stick.

✴️ Adjustable distributing depth with scale line as a guide.

✴️ High-speed rotation (model patent bearing structure), only 2-3 turns are required for a complete distribution. (Note : Rotate clockwise, NOT anticlockwise)

✴️ Walnut wood top, stainless steel 304 base, aluminium alloy body, and adjustment ring.

✴️ Weight : 570g


🚨We are the Official Distributor of MHW-3Bomber products.



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