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Energy Tubes Set - Single Dose Storage Tubes One-Way Exhaust Valve with Stand

Energy Tubes Set - Single Dose Storage Tubes One-Way Exhaust Valve with Stand

Clear tubes made of Polycarbonate material with a one-way exhaust valve on the cap, perfect for storing your coffee beans in smaller quantities and ready for single dosing, perfect for any home and cafe. This greatly speeds up the single-dosing workflow by not having to measure the weight of the coffee each time. Pour the coffee beans into the grinder with your advanced prepared amount with no mess.

Comes with a wooden base metal frame and a metal funnel. Gorgeous looking and premium feel – an art piece itself!


Features / Package contents

Coffee storage tubes are made of Polycarbonate material – high strength makes it resistant to impact and fracture. Also lightweight, an excellent alternative to glass.

Each storage tube is with a one-way valve on the cap to allow the CO2 of freshly roasted coffee to outgas and at the same time, push the oxygen out from the valve.

A silicone ring to ensure airtightness between the cap and the tube.

The wooden base is of North American Walnut. The bottom has four anti-slip pads on all four corners.

The rack can hold a total of 8 storage tubes and a metal funnel.

Easy to clean & maintain - These coffee tubes are easy to clean, just wash them under running water and dry them thoroughly. The cap is NOT washable, clean it with a mild damp cloth.

Comes with 8 storage tubes, and each tube can contain 20-26g of roasted coffee beans.


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