ESPAZZOLA Cleaning Tool

ESPAZZOLA Cleaning Tool

This is a professional cleaning tool for group heads of espresso machines. It is mounted into the group head like a portafilter and uses the hot water from the machine for a thorough and comprehensive removal of all coffee residues. Simply wiggle gently right and left (3 and 6 o'clock) to scrub the dirt away - never missing those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of a group head! Espazzola gets the job done faster and more effectively.


Product details :-

⏩ Designed by physicist Alexander Senger from Switzerland.

⏩ Red cup with handle is made of high quality hard plastic.

⏩ Membrane is made of highly flexible silicone rubber.

⏩ Food safe and dishwasher proof.

⏩ Will fit into most machines - one easy way to check the compatibility is to measure the diameter of your tamper : 56-58mm will be good.

⏩ Made in Germany.


⚠🚨 Do not block the waterflow or use with blind filter.


🚨We are the official dealer & our stocks are directly from Protonea Senger, inventor and manufacturer of ESPAZZOLA.


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