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Ultralight Coffee Press P0

Ultralight Coffee Press P0

Ultralight Press from Espro. Precision Coffee & Espresso ✳️ Worlds Lightest 16oz Coffee Press And Hydration Bottle.


Presenting the Ultralight - designed to keep your favourite drinks hot or cold for 8 hours (approximately). Whether hiking or camping, the Ultralight lets you make better coffee anywhere, anytime and is so light, you won't even feel it in your bag.


Introduction ⏩  

The Ultralight is the lightest double wall stainless insulated hydration bottle in the world. For reference, the GSI Ultralight is @224g, ESPRO Ultralight is @210g - almost 10% lighter. ESPRO compared it to published weight and volume specifications for 16 fl oz (475ml) double wall stainless steel vacuum insulated products by Zojirushi, Hario, Kalita, Bodum, GSl, Stanley, Hydraflask and Aladdin as of October 2017.

☑️ It’s the lightest double wall stainless insulated coffee or tea brewer ever made. When you focus on weight and refuse to compromise on the beverage – coffee and tea, you achieve something special.

☑️ The Ultralight Press makes barista quality coffee anytime, anywhere. ESPRO make better coffee and have earned the right. It incorporates ESPRO double filtration system that reinvented the French Press five years ago and put ESPRO brand on the map. Those that are serious about coffee are serious about ESPRO.

☑️ The Ultralight is the Swiss Army Knife of bottles. It seals up with a leak-proof lid whether it’s being used as a hydration bottle, or a coffee or tea brewer.


Features ⏩

✔ Lightest insulated brewer in the world at just 9.5oz (269 g).

✔ Lightest insulated hydration bottle of its kind at just 7.4oz (210 g).

✔ Stainless steel container, double-walled, vacuum-insulated.

✔ Holds 16 fl oz / 475ml of water as a hydration bottle.

✔ Brews 12 fl oz / 355ml Coffee.

✔ Hot or Cold for 8 hours (approximately).

✔ Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free.

✔ Compatible with all current ESPRO Travel Press filters.


So what's the difference between Ultralight and the Travel Press you may ask?

📌 Lighter!

📌 With Loop for easy carry or tied on anywhere (eg. backpack)

📌 The walls are optimally thin, yet kept thickness where you need a bottle to be robust (e.g. so it can't dent easily).

📌 Reduced the weight of every other component.

📌 Made sure the outer lid (the one with the loop) seals with or without the drinking lid or filters in place. This made it super easy to use as a hydration bottle.


⚠️Does not comes in a box but in a poly bag as ESPRO believes in reducing landfills. There is a marketing sleeve wrapped around its midsection as a replacement instead.


🚨We are the official dealer & our stocks are directly from ESPRO Inc.


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