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Flash Constant 30 Pounds Pressure Tamper

Flash Constant 30 Pounds Pressure Tamper

The Flash constant pressure tamper with auto levelling and 3 springs which not only maintain a constant pressure of 30 pounds but also provide feedback sound. There's a unique feedback "click" sound when you hit 30 pounds and so you will not have to ask yourself "Do I exert 30lbs of pressure?


Product Features / Benefits

Fail-safe levelling system to eliminate uneven tamping.

When the pressure reaches a preset value, feedback is provided through the mechanical sound of the press rod and the tamper seat.

With infusion or circular thread base design – To increase the surface area of the coffee, causing a 'pre-brewing' effect during the coffee extraction process, which helps to improve the extraction rate.

58.35mm flange/base size that will fit a 58mm filter basket.

Weight : 350g

Height : 10cm

Materials : Stainless steel 304, Natural walnut handle, Aluminium alloy.



Do not disassemble the tamper.

Do not wash the tamper.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of MHW-3Bomber products.



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