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GINA Smart Coffee Brewer

GINA Smart Coffee Brewer

GINA Smart Coffee Brewer is a one-of-a-kind coffee maker with the option to brew your coffee in 3 different ways (pour-over, immersion, cold drip, and perfect for making tea) and an integrated scale (without needing an extra scale, hidden in the base) to reach your perfect coffee flavours right from the comfort of your home. All data is instantly trackable in GINA Smart APP that’s connected to the scale via Bluetooth. It’s a space-saving, one device offering 3 brewing methods with good built quality. In addition, it has a well-made precision valve that enables absolutely perfect control over the water flow, to the drop!


GINA Smart Coffee Brewer has won a reddot design award and was also being used to win the 2018 World Brewers Cup Championship. The Gina Smart Brewer can be connected to GINA App via Bluetooth. GINA App (your personal barista coach) is a user-friendly step-by-step brewing guide with a ratio calculator – between coffee and water which will guide you to master the art of brewing.


The price might be high for some but if you add up the cost of buying a scale, pour-over dripper, immersion brewer, cold brew maker, carafe, and a scale, the pricing of the GINA Smart Brewer really makes more sense.


Package contents ⏩

✴️ 1x Ceramic Funnel (Capacity 300ml) with Cover + Precision Valve

✴️ 1x Cold Drip Module

✴️ 1x Glass Pitcher (Holds 700ml of liquid)

✴️ 1x Frame with Built-in Bluetooth Scale

✴️ 1x USB Charging Cord

✴️ 1x User Manual

✴️ 1 bag of 100pcs of cone paper filters

✴️ 1 bag 50pcs of cold drip round paper filters 


🚨Bonus - As a value-added service, we will calibrate the built-in scale for you with our calibrated 500g weight for accurate readings.


🚨⚠️ Note :  

1)Which paper filters can I use with GINA? Why is GOAT STORY paper filters tend to be on the slow side? Your answer is HERE.

2) I can't seem to connect my mobile device to GINA? Follow the instructions HERE.


📌One-year limited local warranty covering normal usage.


🚨We are the Official Distributor for Goat Story products and our stocks are directly from Goat Story.


    Colour: Black

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