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Goat Mug Marsala - Original

Goat Mug Marsala - Original

Goat Mug features ⏩

✴️ Holds about 350ml of coffee / water.

✴️ Keeps its content warm for about up to 2 hours.

✴️ 100% leak proof.

✴️ The horn shape helps you to drink that last sip of your coffee with ease.

✴️ Sustainable coffee mug and material used for the mug is BPA FREE Polypropylene, meaning completely healthy to use!

✴️ Unique design of mug that can turn into a fashion statement.

✴️ Comes with a special real leather removable holder which simply turns into a coffee mug stand so you can easily sit the mug on your desk.

✴️ Comes with a set of two real leather straps : Short one - simply attach it to your bag or carry it around your wrist and keep your hands free. Short + long leather straps combine into one - to sling across your shoulder. This way you can carry your books or bags and talk on your mobile phone while carrying your coffee around.


🚨We are the official dealer for Goat Story products.


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