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Infusion Base for 5 Star Pro

Infusion Base for 5 Star Pro

This stainless-steel flat base is machined for the 5 Star Pro and features infusion base design. This base has circular indentations on its surface, increasing the surface area of the coffee, causing a 'pre-brewing' effect during the coffee extraction process. This causes a change to the flavour profile and acidity of the coffee, compared with the flat base. Generally, the flavour created by this base is sweeter when we’ve compared it with the regular flat base tampers, however the exact impact depends on the type of coffee you use. This base works well if your roasted coffee beans are really fresh.


Product features :-

📌 An infusion compression base of 7.5mm thickness.

📌 58.4mm base size.

📌 High quality stainless steel.

💗 Made in Australia.


🚨We are the official dealer for Eazytamp products and our stocks are directly from Eazytamp Australia.



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