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J-Max Hand Coffee Grinder

J-Max Hand Coffee Grinder

Designed primarily for espresso (produce more fines) with precision superfine or extremely fine adjustment, this hand grinder enables you to achieve the ideal level of espresso extractions. With over 400 clicks setting (a total of 4 and a half rotations) and new 48mm titanium coated burr. Good to know that the titanium coated burr is with a completely new geometry which enables it to produce more fines, and the adjustment mechanism is different from the rest of 1Zpresso range of hand grinders.
A special symbol is embossed on the grip to celebrate the Year of the Ox.


✴️Super Fine Adjustment Design - It is equipped with an external adjustment dial with 9 numbers, 90 clicks in a single complete rotation. Each click moves the burr by 8.8 microns, the finest adjustment among all of the 1Zpresso grinders and is perfect for espresso.
✴️48mm Titanium Coated Burr - The titanium-coated burr is for a longer life span, about 2 times longer than non-coated ones. Also, the coated burr makes the grinding more effortless.
✴️Quick Release Magnetic Catch-Cup - Easy removal just by twisting the catch-cup (clockwise or anti-clockwise).

Package Contents ⏩
✴️1x 1Zpresso J-Max Hand Coffee Grinder, 1x Cleaning brush, 1x Cleaning blower, 1x Rubber Band (for better hand grips), 1x 1Zpresso Cylindrical Case.


Product Specifications ⏩
✴️Colour: Iron Grey

✴️Burr size : 48mm Titanium-Coated

✴️Body material : Aluminum Alloy with premium silicone grip.
✴️Weight: 775g
✴️Dimensions: Handle 14 (L) x Body 18 (H) x 5.6 (W) cm
✴️Catch Cup Grounds Capacity: 35-40g
✴️Materials: Wood, Polycarbonate, Silicone, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Alloy.


📌One year limited local warranty covering normal usage.


❌ Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder should only be cleaned with a dry brush, blower, or other grinder specific cleaner/tablet.
✅ The grinder was calibrated when manufactured. 

✅ Disassembly of the burr may affect grind accuracy and cause damage to the grinder. Please take caution when taking your grinder apart.
✅ Please read the instruction manual and grind setting reference guide before use.
✅ There may be small scratches on the surface of the aluminium body, similar to that of brushed steel. This is normal and expected, as part of the anodising process.


🚨We are the Official Distributor for 1Zpresso Grinders.



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