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Monty Milk Art Cup - Latte (11oz / 325ml)

Monty Milk Art Cup - Latte (11oz / 325ml)

Monty Milk Art Cup, a cousin to Joey Mug, is the newest double-wall ceramic drinkware from Fellow Products. A sleek double wall ceramic cup with hidden parabolic slope. So what’s so special about the parabolic slope? First, let’s breakdown the difference between a parabolic slope and a non-parabolic slope. The slope (or U shape) that’s hidden inside of Monty is to lift the crema to the top without disruption for that perfect latte art. The crema needs to be to lifted to the surface fully intact. This provides a solid canvas to draw on with your milk. The key to getting great contrast is steering clear of turbulence. Pouring milk into Monty’s parabolic slope, the rounded bottom helps maintain surface tension until you are ready to break it up and start the lines for that beautiful inverted swan with a triple tulip head that everyone loves so much. A cup or a mug with a non-parabolic slope often has sharp 90°or 45° angles. The care that you put into your milk is instantly mitigated by the hard bottom. If you’re pouring milk into a squared or non-parabolic bottom, the milk will inevitably crash into a wall or corner creating turbulence and disrupting the crema.


Product features :-

✳️ Materials : Double wall (a triple seemed a little overboard) ceramic body in Matte White to keep your coffee hotter♨️ longer and with a shiny Copper bottom.

✳️ Capacity : 11oz / 325ml 

✳️ Stackability : Because you’ll want more than one and a way to store them. Monty Milk Art Cups are stackable on espresso machines or shelves. The Latte size (11oz / 325ml) can be stack together with the Cappuccino size (6.5oz / 192ml).

🚿 Cleaning : Dishwasher safe.


🚨We are the official distributing partner for Fellow Products.



    Colour: White

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