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Multipurpose 64mm Flat Coffee Burrs - Red Speed Coated

Multipurpose 64mm Flat Coffee Burrs - Red Speed Coated

SSP Multipurpose 64mm Red Speed coated burrs is designed with unique geometry for better grinding quality, help increase grinding speed and produce better uniform grinds. It works at brewing range and at the same time has a small flat surface at its last grinding stage for espresso extraction. With these features, you can expect flavour clarity in pour-overs and espressos and improvement in flavour profiles. Each burr is fortified in a coating of Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (aka Red Speed), you can expect these burrs to last about 5,000kg of coffee beans before needing a new pair.


Package Contents⏩
✴️Two SSP Red Speed Coated 64mm Flat Multipurpose Grinding Burrs.

✴️Installation guide.

✴️SSP Coffee Grinding Solution sticker.


Product Specifications / Details⏩

✴️Purpose :  Multipurpose (Espresso and Brewing)

✴️Material : Hardened Steel

✴️Coating : Red Speed (Titanium Aluminium Carbon Nitride, TiAICN)

📌Main purpose of coated burrs is for longer life span, 3-5 times longer than non-coated ones. Coating will not make any big difference in grinding quality.

✴️Lifetime : 4,000kg - 5,000kg

✴️Compatible with : Mazzer Super Jolly, Mazzer Mini-E, Lagom P64, Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

✴️Rotation : Right


🚨We are the Official Dealer in SG for SSP Grinding Solution burrs.

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