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Racing M1 Manual Coffee Grinder - Titanium coated Burrs

Racing M1 Manual Coffee Grinder - Titanium coated Burrs

Product Specifications / Details

With high-precision 38mm hexagonal (6 core) conical burrs. The coffee burrs have improved grinding efficiency and reduced coffee fines. The burrs are made of food-grade safe 420 stainless steel and titanium coated, which is rust-resistant and heat-resistant. In addition, cutting edges of the burrs can maintain sharpness for much longer, from the typical 400kg to about 1,200kg.

Internal adjustment dial - With 24 clicks for one full turn. Suitable for Moka, pour-over, and French press.

Return to zero design – Almost all existing manual grinders cannot and do not return to zero on the settings dial after disassembly and assembly. Racing M1 managed to solve this problem and hence always able to return to zero.

Double- bearings structure – Stable and smooth grinding.

The body of the manual coffee grinder is made of aluminium alloy for lightweight, high strength-to-weight ratio, and corrosion resistance.

Walnut wooden knob.

The catch cup can hold 20 grams of coffee.

Swift-disassembly design - can be disassembled without any tool.

Weight : 512g

Dimensions : 16 (H) x 5 (W) x 17.5cm (Width with crank handle installed)


📌Includes a one-year limited local warranty.


Package Contents

Manual hand coffee grinder set, 1x deerskin velvet storage bag, and user manual.



Not recommended for espresso. Lack that fine adjustment and so are not able to find the right sweet spot for your espresso. Also, the burr size is 38mm and so required a longer grind time.

Do not clean the grinder with water. The grinder should only ever be cleaned with a dry brush and blower.

Please read the instruction manual before use.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of MHW-3Bomber products.



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