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Rotary WDT Tool 58mm

Rotary WDT Tool 58mm

This WDT tool is fun to use. It’s equipped with 8 needles, fixed in different positions, which stir the coffee ground in various locations while rotating. It can break up the clumps of coffee ground more evenly, efficiently and perfectly distributed. With adjustable depth to set according to the desired depth of your filter basket being used.


The dosing ring is dual usage – it can be used as a normal dosing funnel and act as a sitting base for the WDT tool to sit on securely during the stirring process. It also comes with a silicone base for the WDT tool to rest on when not in use and to protect the needles from being damaged.


Finally, with a cool appearance design – 2 parts of the tool that look like the 2 front legs of the praying mantis.


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