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Snail Organiser w/100pcs Paper Filters 58mm, 2pcs Ultra-Thin Puck Screens 58.5mm

Snail Organiser w/100pcs Paper Filters 58mm, 2pcs Ultra-Thin Puck Screens 58.5mm

Cute-looking wooden snail organiser, crafted from solid walnut wood. Comes with slots to fit 100pcs of paper filters and 2pcs of ultra-thin puck screens.


Details / Features

✴️ Paper filters  -

i) Effectively disperse the water flow from the brew head, so that the water can contact the coffee grounds evenly.

ii) Works well to improve the channel effect, and prevent coffee grounds from sticking to your shower screen (clean brew head) and filter basket.

iii) It is easy to clean, simply toss them in the trash after use.

iv) Made from natural, virgin Japanese pulp. This paper filter has no chemicals and brings a new level of food safety to your espresso. In addition, it exceeds the thickness of the competition by 20-30% to fit snugly in your portafilter basket, making it less likely to break even under high brewing temperatures.

v) Benefits - Adding filter paper to the bottom of your basket is like having thousands of holes rather than hundreds. It will give you a better even extraction, with a clean mouth feel and balance. Listen to the expert HERE.


✴️ Puck screen –

i) Lightweight and ultra-thin design. Made from food-grade 316 stainless steel. It has greater reusability and good filtration.

ii) Better extraction - The puck screen will evenly disperse the water. Reduce the channelling effects and increase the number of solids dissolved in the espresso, helping you get a better extraction.

iii) Easy to use – Simply place over your distributed and tamped coffee grounds. After use, just rinse and wipe it dry. Easy to maintain and clean.

iv) Keep your group head shower screen clean. It can prevent the coffee grounds from being sucked up when brewing starts.


Package Contents

1pc Wooden Snail Organiser, 2pcs Ultra-thin Puck Screens, 100pcs Paper Filters.


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