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SP-200 Mini Portable Espresso Maker

SP-200 Mini Portable Espresso Maker

2021 Upgraded Version - The World’s smallest and highly portable non-electric espresso maker, its size & weight about a soft drink can. With these outstanding features, you can always fulfil your coffee fix anywhere - at work, at home and even outdoors. Of course, some hot water is needed which isn’t hard to find.

Simply fill the chamber with hot water, put and tamp some freshly grounded coffee into the filter basket – or even pop in a Nespresso capsule if you prefer – and hit the plunger (vertical pressing design will need less of your strength). What extracted is real espresso with crema.


Features ⏩
✴️Compatible with coffee grounds or Nespresso compatible capsules.

Relying on high-pressure design, SP-200 Mini can extract coffee at any temperature (not just hot water). Even with ice cold water, you can still have rich crema coffee.
✴️Transformable light body - When it's folded, its size is as small as a can of soft drink. While it's unfolded, its size is as small as a small bottle.

✴️Simply by pressing the plunger, it can produce 15-20 bars pressure, much higher than an electric espresso maker. It requires no more than a few manual pumping to make espresso in just one minute. No need barista's skill and expensive equipment, you can easily make your own café quality espresso anywhere.

✴️Stainless Steel water chamber - 2021 upgraded version.

✴️Coffee filter basket holder is of Aluminium Alloy material - 2021 upgraded version.

✴️Pressure/Water outlet is integrated with coffee filter basket holder and of Aluminium Alloy material - 2021 upgraded version.


Four Steps To Use ⏩
1. Put coffee grounds (salt size, slightly coarser than espresso fine) and do a light tamp / Capsule into the filter basket.
2. Assemble espresso maker.
3. Add hot water or ice-cold water.
4. Press the plunger.

Cleaning ⏩
✴️All parts are detachable for deep cleaning.
✴️Premium material (BPA-free material & food grade stainless steel) used are of high quality and durable.
✴️Leave it to dry naturally. The stainless-steel material will not oxidise easily.


Specifications ⏩

✴️Folded Size – Ø6.5 x 15.2 cm

✴️Unfolded Size – Ø6.5 x 21.5 cm

✴️Net Weight – 340g

✴️Water Chamber Capacity – Min. 50ml and Max. 80ml

✴️Compatibility – Coffee grounds or Nespresso compatible capsules.

✴️Filter basket size : 37mm

✴️Max Coffee Grounds – 10g

✴️Working Pressure – 15-20 bars


Package Contents 

1x Staresso SP-200 Mini, 1x Carry Case, 1x Cleaning Cloth, 1x Spoon, 1x Brush, 2x Spare O-rings.



Capsule compatibility guide : Only Original Line Nespresso capsules (such as Starbucks, illy, etc) of aluminium material are compatible (pointed part of the shower screen may be damaged due to the plastic capsule). Vertuo Line capsules (dome shape) are not compatible.


🚨We are the Official Distributor for STARESSO products.



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