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SP-300 Mirage Portable Espresso Maker

SP-300 Mirage Portable Espresso Maker

2021 Upgraded Version - SP-300 Mirage is a portable espresso maker which extracts real espresso with crema without any electricity or battery. With its futuristic design, not only it can be your daily trusty espresso maker but also as a decoration when not in use. It can be folded via the bracket for easy storage and also to ensure portability so that you can enjoy coffee anywhere - at home, at work, on a picnic or camping.

With its large capacity, it can make double espresso shots and exit via its dual outlets. This manual espresso maker can produce 15-20 bars of pressure, much higher than an electric espresso maker. There is a pressure regulator which allows you to make adjustment accordingly. When you want to have a less strong espresso, you can simply loosen the pressure regulator anticlockwise, but recommended to remain at max. position (fully tightened) to make a good cup of espresso.


✴️Relying on high-pressure design, SP-300 Mirage can extract coffee at any temperature (not just hot water). Even with ice cold water, you can still have rich crema coffee.
✴️Transformable with innovative bracketFolded for storage or unfold when ready to use.

✴️Simply by pressing the plunger, it can produce 15-20 bars pressure, much higher than an electric espresso maker. It requires no more than a few manual pumping to make a cup of espresso. No need barista's skill and expensive equipment, you can easily make your own café quality espresso anywhere.

✴️Stainless Steel water chamber - 2021 upgraded version.

✴️Black bracket - 2021 upgraded version.


Four Steps To Use
1. Put on coffee grounds (salt size, slightly coarser than espresso fine) into the filter basket and light tamp.
2. Assemble espresso maker.
3. Add hot or ice-cold water.
4. Press the plunger.


✴️All parts are detachable for deep cleaning.
✴️Premium material (BPA-free material & food grade stainless steel, FDA approved) used are of high quality and durable.
✴️Leave it to dry naturally. The stainless-steel material will not oxidize easily.


✴️Folded Size – 10 x 18 (H) cm

✴️Unfolded Size – 16 x 23.4 (H) cm

✴️Net Weight – 706g

✴️Water Chamber Capacity – Min. 60ml and Max. 180ml

✴️Compatibility – Coffee grounds ONLY.

✴️Filter basket size : 53mm

✴️Coffee Grounds Capacity – 18-22g

✴️Working Pressure – 15-20 bars


Package Contents

1x Staresso SP-300 Mirage, 1x Spoon.



Coffee grounds used must be of salt size, slightly coarser than espresso fine. If espresso fine coffee grounds are used, it will cause damage and distort the shape of the filter in the coffee basket.


🚨We are the Official Distributor for STARESSO products.



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