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Transparent Handle V3 Calibrated Tamper 58.5mm

Transparent Handle V3 Calibrated Tamper 58.5mm


Calibrated with a spring-loaded mechanism, this tamper exerts a consistent pressure of over 13.6kg, ensuring an even tamp coffee puck.

Features a unique transparent acrylic handle design that not only offers ergonomic comfort but also provides a visual spectacle. By witnessing the process of the spring compressing, you'll experience the captivating moment - a feast for the eyes.

Compatible with portafilter basket size 58mm.

A leveller plate – this sits on the top of a filter basket and acts as a ‘leveller’ ensuring that a barista tamps straight down and not on an angle.

The base has a smooth and flat bottom.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of iKape products.



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