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Travel Espresso Maker

Travel Espresso Maker

With the iCafilas Travel Espresso Maker, you can now enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. Rechargeable with an internal 2400mAh battery to ensure long battery life, good for about 52 working times before requiring a recharge. Weighing about 650g, you can take Espresso Maker anywhere for espresso with its travel-sized shape. With just one touch, you can start brewing your coffee at home or outdoors (camping, driving, hiking, picnic). Compatible with both ground coffee and coffee capsules.



✴️ Light Weight : Weight about 650g.

✴️ Dimensions : 22.8cm (H) x 7.5cm (D).

✴️ Long Battery Life : 2400mAh powerful lithium battery, 52 working times.

✴️ Pump pressure : 9 bars.

✴️ Charging : 5V/2A USB Type C power adapter.

✴️ 2 in 1 coffee method : With ground coffee and coffee capsules.

✴️ Both capsule and coffee ground adapters are magnetic push-in type instead of the usual screw-in.

✴️ Lid on the coffee ground adapter with a shower screen for even distribution of hot pressurised water.

✴️ 120ml water tank.

✴️ Automatic cleaning mode.

✴️ Silicone pad at the bottom of the plastic cup to reduce noise and protect delicate tables.

✴️ Included bracket for hands-free brewing.

✴️Materials : Food-grade stainless steel, PA / Nylon, AS, ABS plastic, heat insulated.


What’s in the box - Accessories

✴️ Storage bag.

✴️ Capsule adapter.

✴️ Coffee ground adapter.

✴️ Metal tamper.

✴️ Cleaning brush.

✴️ Plastic coffee cup.

✴️ Metal coffee ground spoon.

✴️ Bracket.

✴️ Type-C USB charging cable.

✴️ User manual.


📌One-year limited local warranty covering normal usage.


🚨Our stocks are directly from iCafilas.



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