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Travel French Press

Travel French Press

With the iCafilas Travel French Press, you can enjoy café worthy brewed coffee wherever you are or on the go. Made with vacuum-sealed, double-walled food grade 304 stainless steel and with a unique filter system, no over-extraction. Unlike other common French presses, this French Press is with 2 woven micro-mesh filters – resulting in smoother and better-tasting coffee, grit-free without over-extracting your coffee grounds. Also compatible with tea brewing so you can sip your favourite tea on the go. Another unique feature is the wide mouth design – able to guide liquid to your mouth or cup without spilling.



✴️ Weight : 368g.

✴️ Maximum capacity is 350ml.

✴️ Dimensions : 20.4cm (H) x 7.5cm (D).

✴️ Unique filter system : Dual woven micro-mesh filters. The bottom mesh filter is 100 and the top filter is 120. *The larger the mesh number, the smaller the gaps which translates to better filtration BUT you can’t have ultra-small gaps as you will have a hard time pressing down the plunger. Since the recommended coffee grounds particle size for French Press is coarse, the woven mesh filters do not need to be ultra small gaps.

✴️ Suitable for tea brewing.

✴️ Double-walled to keep hot liquids hot for about 8 hours and cold liquids chilled for about 12 hours.

✴️ Silicone pad at the bottom to reduce noise and for protect against damage to delicate tables.

✴️ One-click on the button to open the cover. A safe lock switch to prevent accidental opening of the cover.

✴️ Wide mouth design to guide liquid to your mouth or cup without spilling.

✴️ Double-lipped silicone seal on the outside of the woven mesh filters to create a tight seal when you press the plunger down.

✴️Materials : Food-grade 304 stainless steel, PP (Polypropylene) material.


What’s in the box - Accessories

✴️ Sponge cleaning brush.

✴️ User manual.


🚨We are the Official Distributor of iCafilas products.  



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