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MHW-3Bomber Coffee Products

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1Zpresso JX Hand Coffee Grinder

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Fellow Coffee Gears


iKape Espresso Tools


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New Arrival

MHW-3Bomber Coffee Products
Image by Vimal S
BG T64 Coffee Beans Grinder
Sonic S7 Manual Lever Espresso Machine
Formula Smart Coffee Scale
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Small Green Plants
iKape Espresso Tools Organiser
Grey Theme Objects
iKape Adjustable WDT Tool
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White Structure
MHW-3Bomber Manual Hand Grinder
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Leaf Pattern Design
MHW-3Bomber Cube 2.0 Coffee Scale
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Dead Sea
Ankomn Magic Pen with Reusable Labels
Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Brewer
Avatar 102

Linh Nguyen

The item arrived VERY quickly. Price is reasonable and the quality is superb. The response is also super fast n smooth. Really appreciate the effort. Highly recommended.

Avatar 108

Dennis Choo

Friendly, courteous and trustworthy seller. Service is top notch and well worth every cent. If you are a coffee brewer, consider going local and supporting this business. 101/100, super satisfied with the grinder and it came super fast.

What People Say

Avatar 89

Winnifred Lan

An extremely efficient seller who communicated and responded swiftly. Delivery was speedy and came earlier than expected. Really appreciate all the little things the seller took to ensure a smooth and pleasant transaction from start to end. Tks!

Avatar 83


Seller was extremely prompt in replying messages and explained the product well both on test and in-person! Price is lower than most other places in SG. Highly recommended!

Avatar 82

David Kuah

Quality is top notch. Seller was clear and precise. Perfectly packed for safe journey to my home and it was fast with real tracking. It"s a beast of an item. Thank you for your patience and the smooth transaction...again. Cheers! 👍💯 certified a great seller.

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